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Game Library Camp 2019 sessions announced

We are currently working on putting our schedule together so that we can release tickets for you to reserve. Before we do that here is the current list of what you can expect at Game Library Camp 2019. This isn’t a complete list as there will be space for discussion sessions to be added on the day


Creating a board games collection for lending (Newcastle Libraries)

Running board gaming events for large number of participants (Sheffield Libraries)

Prerecorded Video Presentation

Designing accessible game collections (Wilfred Laurier University)


Building a structure to support gaming in UK libraries (International Games Week)

Using games to teach searching using Boolean operators (Queen Margaret University)

Making escape rooms and escape puzzles (Norfolk & Norwich Libraries)


I hope you like jammin’ too: Running Online Interactive Fiction Writing Jams (British Library)

Adapted from Interactive Fiction Story Trees by Kevin Hodgson used under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license


Chess Clubs in Libraries (Chess in Schools and Communities)

Libopoly (Open University)


Published by Darren Edwards

I'm a public library professional from the UK, blogging about libraries, games and my travels in the US.

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